Metro District Ritual Competition Winners!

On Saturday, March 11 the lodge hosted the 2017 Metro District Ritual contest and Presidents Dinner, with teams from Clawson—Troy, Farmington, Royal Oak—Detroit and Ferndale competing. Our Team stole the show and ended up with 9 awards including District Champions ! Our team will now go on to the state competition representing the Metro District in May!

Competition Team:
Sher Wilson—Exalted Ruler
Jenni Robbins—Esteemed Leading Knight
Diane Staudacher—Esteemed Loyal Knight
Gerald Robbins—Esteemed Lecturing Knight
Sue Palmer—Chaplin
Ron Durak—Lodge Esquire
Tim Cooley—Inner Guard
Charlie Green—Tiler
Ray LePage—Candidate

Additional awards where won for:
High Points Officer – Lodge Esquire—Ron Durak
High Points Officer—Sue Palmer
High Points OfficerEsteemed Leading Knight—Jenni Robbins
High Points OfficerEsteemed Loyal Knight—Diane Staudacher
High Points OfficerEsteemed Lecturing Knight—Gerry Robbins
Flag Presentation—Diane Staudacher (2nd Place)

Congrats and thanks to all who participated in this great
accomplishment! We are looking forward to winning at State!



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